I drove one of the rarest (and strangest) sedans from the past decade

This G70’s most defining characteristic is also its weakest link (shameless pun intended). (Photo courtesy of the author)

What’s strange about a Genesis G70? Nothing. The Korean BMW fighter sold surprisingly well from 2019-2023, when Genesis canceled it to build more crossovers.

But this isn’t just any G70; it’s a manual transmission G70. One of only 100 sold in 2020. While I applaud Genesis’ audacity – and guaranteed future sleeper status of this car – I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. The vague, mushy gearbox made me long for the one in a Miata or Hyundai’s own Veloster N.

However, returning this car to Carmax felt like returning a puppy to the pound. I pray someone adopts it soon.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor